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Crimson Passion is brought to you by two people, who shockingly to tell the truth live half-way across the globe from each other and have only communicated through email. It is through their shared interest that they've decided to pull resources together and bring to you Crimson Passion.


Your webmistress hailing from Singapore. Artist and writer, she has been intrigued by X-Men since young when X-Men: The Animated Series first aired. X-Men: Evolution (and to a smaller extent the movies) revived her waning interests due to its refreshing take on this well-loved fandom. Comics, cartoons, books, movies, she've read (almost)/seen 'em all, and mind you, it's a pretty expensive hobby. And of course, her favourite characters are Scott and Jean (together!).

E.T. goes by extra-ter2estrial on She also has a separate page for her own fanfiction for genres other than X-Men: Evolution. If you'd like to know more about E.T. go to alrischa on livejournal.

E.T. also owns The Scott and Jean Archives.

Original layout is credited to her. She'll lynch you if you steal anything.

Contact: alrischa @

Optic Red

The on and off Marvel fan, this avid Canadian re-entered the universe of X-Men when X-Men: Evolution first aired on the local television station. When not playing hockey or doing homework, he likes to waste the hours away writing fanfics, constructing plastic models or hanging out with friends. His favorite characters are Phoenix and Cyclops, whose devastating and completely volatile powers led to the pen name, Optic.