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X-Men: Evolution of the Heart: Prologue

This is just the intro to the story. It is an alternate universe of how the X-Men came to be and it has nothing to do with my previous stories. In this story, some characters have a very different past compared to the comic, movie, or show. It is far more depressing and full of angst. While I've tried to stay true to some aspects, I have altered others for the sake of the story.

This story is predominately a romance story with plenty of action and drama in between. It is a major Scott/Jean story so if you like them. This story will also be my first attempt to make a Kurt/Kitty romance. I've simply always thought they looked cute together and seem very well matched in my opinion.

Be warned however! This is a lot more of a MATURE version of X-men Evolution, meaning it will contain harsh language. It also deals with things like child abuse, sexual assault, and violence. Basically, each kid on the team has a far more angsty past. And when I say angst, I mean a LOT of it! So if you are a bit sensitive to things like this, read with caution.

ATTN: *these mean character thoughts or psychic communication*

This story is dedicated to Jen, author of the story "Snow".

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