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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Eight

In a fraction of seconds he was leaning on the parasol's post, a sneering smile on his lips.

"Pietro, I hope that you and your band haven't had the intention to cause trouble..." declared Storm in a steady voice.

"That's not in the programme but, after all, what would prevent us from causing it?"

"Hi Kitty," said Lance who has just arrived near them.

Shadowcat couldn't help to return his smile, blushing slightly, as Scott answered to Quicksilver's question.

"Us, if we have to."

"You?" reacted Toad with his panther swimsuit trunks. "And..."

"Oh come on!" interrupted Tabitha. "You cannot just clear off?!"

Magneto's son came closer to her in a wink.

"Boom-Boom...Do you know that Mystique has hardly appreciated her room's re-decoration?"

"Mystique? She's not a reference..." said Kurt.


Seeing like it has started, the Brotherhoods had the intention to encrust themselves, thought Tabitha; but an idea came into her mind and she decided to get it down to work by using a convincing tone.

"Oh, but who I see?" She asked before waving a lot behind Pietro like if she was bowing to someone. "Yeah it's she! Come here Wanda!!"

The young mutant opened his eyes wide with horror.

"WANDA????!!!!!" cried Pietro by tailing to hide himself the Blob, seated on the beach.

Tabitha and her friends burst in laugh.

"Really witty Boom-Boom," Lance laughed at her.

"Well, listen Alvers," said Scott in the quietest tone he had never used to speak at Avalanche. "I think that you're here for the same reasons than us that's to say to relax yourselves; so, we should make a respite for today and simply ignore each other."

Lance seemed to think over it some instants. It pained him to accept a proposition of his rival, but he wasn't in a mood to provoke the X-Men today...and overall to take a thrashing in view of witnesses.

"Agreed Summers!" he said. "We'll ignore each other."

The mutant cast a last glance at Kitty -- wearing a swimsuit -- before setting out again for where he came from, criticizing apparently the greenish aspect and overall the rather repulsive behaviour of Toad, who had just gulped down a bluebottle as big as a hornet.

"Yuucckk!" made Amara. "I believe I'll never get used to it."

"It's really disgusting," approved Tabitha. "And imagine, I've had to bear it at breakfast time..." she added before turning herself toward Kitty, as Scott, Jean, Sara, Ororo and Maria stood up to go walk on the bank.

Shadowcat seemed to be lost in her thoughs, looking at Lance.

"Kitty?" asked Amara.

No reaction, except a slight smile drawing itself on her lips...

"Hey ho! Earth to Kitty Pryde!" repeated Tabitha by passing her hand in front of the adolescent's eyes.

"Yes?" she asked with natural like if she had been perfectly attentive and that it was the first time they called her.

"Well, you're back again from Avalanche's planet?"

Kitty gave them an incomprehensible pout.

"'back again'? 'Avalanche's planet'?"

"This will make three minutes that you were glancing at Lance with an idiot-look on your face," said Kurt in his astounding tact.

Shadowcat's cheeks turned slightly pink, but she didn't omit to put out her tongue to Nightcrawler before turning her head toward Amara and Tabitha.

"That's not what you're thinking, he's kind but that's...ok, it's exactly what you're thinking," she finished to admit in front of the we-are-not-going-to-be-had look that her two friends had just sent to her.

"It's true that he has a good side," conceded Tabitha...we just have to find it... she thought before going on. "He can be nice and thoughtful, overall to you. Having said that, he's only like this when he's alone; as soon as he's back again in presence of one brotherhood's member, he becomes again a sour-tempered and even a tiny bit idiot..."

Kitty sent to her a black glance but finally leave place at a conciliating smile. She had already noticed this radical change in Lance's behaviour and...SSLLUURRPP!


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