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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Eleven

The end of the afternoon was approaching and the majority of the holidays makers have went out of the ocean and were taking advantage of the sun for dry them. The members of the group interesting us were gathered on theirs towels too.

"When Sara and Jean returns from their little escapade, would you want to go and drink something at 'the Atlantis' bar?" purposed Bryan by indicating the establishment Jean had noticed before. "They pass good music at 7 p.m and this would allow us to well end the day."

An enthusiastic hubbub acted as an answer.

"Storm?" asked Scott.

"I don't see objection," she answered in a quiet voice.


Not far from them, coming in their direction, Jean and her sister were walking slowly, feet in the water. Jean had again wrapped her pareo around her waist as Sara had slipped on her dress letting the rounded shape of her abdomen show. Arm in Arm, they spent more than an hour chatting about their life, theirs past, and the way they were seeing their futures.

"No, it's true," insisted Jean, "you really have good friends, it's a pity that everybody hasn't the same open-mindedness than them; you have had a nice idea purposing to spend a day here."

Her sister gave to her a smile half-reassured, half-guilty.

"I'd have rather like that the atmosphere be different than the one which you undergo at Bayville."

"Oh, don't worry about it, we're accustomed to it," Jean reassured her, smiling. "And it's really important, for the younger ones among us, that everything went smoothly with these two young girls lately and with your friends; that's allow them to see that, whatever Magneto said, mutants and humans can understand each other."

"And I hope this will really be the case in the future, because, nothing said that your nephew wouldn't be a mutant too..." said Sara by running her hand on her abdomen.

"Yes, this happens that the factor X, jumps a generation, but nothing assures it."

Sara nodded silently before tackling an other subject.

"By the way, you haven't talked about it again, but do you still have those headaches consecutives at the lightning evolution of your powers?"

The mutant shook her head.

"No, it's over now, eventually I've learned to control it and henceforth remains only some of professor Xavier's 'mental shields' in my mind; but he rather likes to keep them in place longer for security...And I admit that reassures me, because to be overwhelmed by thousand of thoughts, all stronger than the other, is abominable." "Well, we'll say that when I arrived at the institute I needed a lot of concentration to only lift a simple book, and that now I can lift a lot bigger and heavier easily...and even sometimes without notice it..." admitted Jean with a half-smile. "It's quite frightening, but I'm working on it and I should soon have done with this."

"And with Scott? Everything seems to go smoothly..." said Sara in a interested voice.

Jean's eyes shined in a particular light at the young man evocation's. She smiled widely and declared:

"If he hadn't been here during my days of coma, I don't know if I'd have pull though. He...him and I are similar, we understand each other in a simple glance and I love him more than my own life," she said. "It's crazy, I'm the telepath but a sort of bond have been created between us. We’re always in contact what he's feeling, I feel it too...I know that this sounds strange."

"No, coming from you, nothing surprises me Jean, you're a mutant after all," smiled her sister. "And besides, it's staring you in the face that between you two it's serious. No matter how hard someone says that you're too young to know what love is and to look to a long-range relationship, I think that between you two, it'll need a very long time before being over," she declared before adding with a half-smile. "...whatever mum may think..."

Jean laughed lightly at the last remark of her sister.

"Oh, I believe that what scares her the most it's that, not satisfied to be a mutant, I've fallen in love with another one, and who, moreover, cannot totally hide it because of his shades," declared Jean. "But I don't mind what she thinks, I love Scott and it's not all her remarks filled with insinuations which will change anything."

"Well said sister!" joked Sara as they arrived near of the others.

They saw with astonishment that they have repacked all theirs belongings and have, for the most part of them, slipped again theirs dresses, shorts and shirt.

"Have they rang the curfew?" asked the mother-to-be, amused.

"No, Bryan and Samantha purpose to have a drink at the bar," answered Ororo. "And, in order to be comfortable, it'd be better to return to the cars things which we don't need anymore.

"Yes, good idea," nodded Jean by getting ready to catch her bag, but Scott prevented her to do it.

"Wait, Kurt will teleport me, Bobby and Bryan will tend to the parking of the things."

"Yes, it's a kind of long load," noticed Nigthcrawler.

"You'll just have to go to the bar and we'll join you as soon as we've finish," resumed Scott.

The proposition was accepted and, with an enthusiasm mixed with a touch of apprehension, Bryan got ready to make the ride ~beach-parking~ in a fraction of seconds by the device of 'Air-Nightcrawler'.

"Will you please straighten up the flaps and attach your belt; keep your feet and your hands in the vehicle's interior; the compartments on your..."

"Kurt..." Scott was getting impatient.

"Ok, off we go!"


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