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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Three

Scott was appreciating the fact of not being the only one to wear sunglasses. Nothing was worst for him that the glances cast toward him when he went to the cinema or at a museum without putting his ruby-quartz sunglasses down. Most of the time, he was looked askance or quite simple shouted at. Oh, he had the set excuse of the 'sensitive eyes' but this didn't prevent this discomfort to seize him all the time. Of course, with time, he was paying less and less attention to it, he had become accustomed to these kind of reactions; but unfortunately, now that his identity had been revealed on television, he was not only considered like an impolite guy, but like a nature's mistake…The offended expression had been replaced by scared expressions, disdain and even hatred.

Scott felt Jean slightly squeeze his hand, he smiled at her, knowing that she should have experienced his brief melancholy through their link.

"Jean!!!" called a feminine voice.

"Sara!" answered the telepath at the view of her sister.

The little group of Doctor Grey's two daughters were soon reunited and the two sisters fell into each other arms.

"I'm so delighted to see you again!" said Sara.

Sara observed her little sister a few minutes. She was dressed with a dark-top and a pareo with warm colours which echoed her long red-hair she wore loose. She was particularly beautiful, yes, her sister has become a woman and Sara was glad to see her so full bloom.

"You are wonderful Jean, you've so much changed and yet it's only ten months since the last time we've seen each other"

"You've changed too, you've rounded out," said the young mutant, smiling towards her sister's abdomen. She was six months pregnant. "Paul couldn't come?" she asked not seeing her brother-in-law.

"No, he was detained at the last minute but he asked to me to give you his regards."

"Wow! It's so cool!! Do you see these waves!" exclaimed Kurt in the background.

"That's the remains of the crossing of this boat," said Kitty by pointing a small craft quickly moving off, "that's just, like, a remark."

Sara released her sister's hand before smiling at the institute's group and nodding in a friendly way at the two she knew the best: Scott and Ororo.

"Everybody's all right?"

Everyone agreed in the same voice. Sara moved back to present her friends.

"For easiness, we should introduce everybody," she began, "so here is Maria, my Italian pen-friend in the USA for a two-week holiday; Bryan and Samantha, married, and their 18-month-old little daughter, Mathilde," she ended, indicating her, wriggling in her dad's arms, wanting him to put her back on her feet.

"I see that there is someone who is in a hurry," smiled Jean. "So I'll make it short: here is Scott, Ororo, Kitty, Kurt, Bobby, Amara and Tabitha."

"Glad to meet all of you," Bryan greeted them "Sara has talked about you a lot."

Only the three oldest mutants knew that Sara's friends were aware about their identities. On one accord, they had preferred to hide it -- no, we'll rather say: to omit willingly -- of the younger in order to let them be the most discreet possible.

"I know that's not really easy for you in these times despite the President's declaration," said Sara, speaking only at Jean, Scott and Ororo. "But I think you'll be quiet here."

"We hope," answered her sister.

"Well, what about we go to settle us?" purposed Samantha seeing that her daughter was becoming impatient.

"Good idea!"


As they were making their way between the towels and the parasols, they had the unpleasant 'surprise' to see some holidaymakers looking strangely hard at them and whispering between them in such a way giving them a slight impression of 'déjà-vu'. Having said that, they tried not to pay too much attention to it and kept on following Sara, who lead them to a free place. They settled in rapidly, talking about everything and nothing, but they couldn't help to notice that the people around them haven't stopped to scowl at them, some of them pointing to them with less than perfect discretion.

"That's it, that starts..." mumbled Boom-Boom by spreading her towel. "It was too good to be true."

"Keep still Tabitha, ignore them," said Storm her, knowing the impulsive temper of the adolescent.

The young mutant sighed and nodded.

Earlier they'd put on their bathing suits, to make sure they'd be ready to swim. The Xavier's Institute's young students were all affected by being watched over again, but, with one tacit accord, they decided to take it as if nothing had happened and to enjoy to the maximum their beach-day. Kurt was frustrated, moreover he has took the precaution to change his hologram in the X-Van in order to not betray their identities but this didn't change anything; it seems that 'mutant' was put up on their foreheads and highlight by blinking lights...

Sara's two married friends were applying some sun-cream on their daughter's skin who was looking forward to go to "the waa". They protected her with a slight tee-shirt and a hat, and put to her feet two little sea-sandals.

"Well! Here goes! Everybody to the sea!!" said Sara with a contagious enthusiasm.

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