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Scott Summers and Jean Grey were technically the first two students of mentor Charles Xavier and the Institute's instructors Logan (Wolverine) and Ororo Munroe (Storm). They were introduced in episode one of the first season: "Strategy X". They live at the Xavier Institute and enrolled in Bayville High School. In their spare time, they play mutant vigilantes known as the X-Men.

Name: Scott Summers

Code Name: Cyclops

Age (at season one): 18; a senior at Bayville High

Mutation: Concussive optic force beams from his eyes. A brain damage sustained as a child forces him to wear special ruby quartz glasses because he cannot control his power.

History: Scott is the elder of two sons of Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers. He and his brother Alexander were orphaned when they were young as their parents died in a plane crash (which they survived with the plane's two remaining parachutes). Scott's parachute caught fire and he hit his head hard upon impact. He was comatose for a month in a hospital. By then, Alex had been adopted by the Masters family and moved to Hawaii. (Flashback in "The Cauldron II") The brothers were reunited in "The Cauldron I". Alex is also a mutant with a similar mutation.

Name: Jean Grey

Code Name: None

Age (at season one): 17; a junior at Bayville High (turned 18 in season three circa "X-treme Measures")

Mutation: Primary mutation is telekinesis and secondary mutation is telepathy. Her power has not yet reached full potential, and has experienced growth in her abilities (ie "Power Surge"). According to Charles Xavier's visions of the future, Jean turns into Phoenix.

History: Jean is the younger of two daughters of John and Elaine Grey. She and her sister Sarah come from an upper-middle class family. Although she is the only mutant in the family, her family is still supportive of her. Family gatherings are seen in "On Angel's Wings" and "Dark Horizon I". Jean graduated with honors in "Dark Horizon I" and expressed a keen interest in pursuing genetics in university.

In "Target X", both graduates became part-time instructors at the Institute.

When Scott met Jean...