It must be a bond we have... I don't know how to explain it... ~ Jean, Blind Alley

Theirs is a love which transcends...dedicated to Scott and Jean of X-Men: Evolution.

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01 Sept 2007
Crimson Passion has been moved to a subdomain of
~ ET

30 Aug 2004
Slickboy444's fanfic "X-Men: Evolution of the Heart" has been uploaded to the archives.
~ ET

29 Aug 2004
"What Dreams May Come" has been uploaded (up to chapter fifteen), as well as another short fic "Not All As It Sims".
~ ET

28 Aug 2004
New pic added to fan art.
~ ET

30 Jul 2004
I got a paid domain bearing the domain name which I intend to turn into an archive site across all mediums (comics, movies, animation etc) in which Scott and Jean make appearances.
~ ET

13 July 2004
I realise it's been quite a long while since this site was updates. Sorry about that, real life has been kinda busy. Added a new fanlisting: Eternal. Go check it out in the links section! :)
~ ET


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