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General Sites: body link=##FF3300 body vlink=#660099

marvel.com -- Official site for Marvel.

kidswb.com -- Official site for kidsWB.

Scott Sites:

-- X-Men Hero: Cyclops. A site dedicated to Scott of all universes.

-- People for the Ethical Treatment of Scott.

Jean Sites:

> -- An Evolution Jean site. (currently closed)

JOTT Sites:

-- My paid domain site which bears the domain name scottandjean.com. It's an archive site across all mediums (comics, movies, animation etc) in which Scott and Jean have made appearances.

-- The first site dedicated to the relationship of Evolution Scott and Jean.

Crimson Love -- Passion of two. Another site dedicated to the relationship of Evolution Scott and Jean.

General X-Men Sites:

-- Evolution Impulse. Your one stop for all you need to know about X-Men: Evolution. (Previously Beyond Evolution's web address).

-- Beyond Evolution has moved. New host, but still with all the great content.

-- Extreme Evolution. Another great general X-Men: Evolution site.

The Freak Show -- A crazy little site, fun stuff, the Summerses conspiracy etc...Never fails to make me laugh.

Fanfiction Sites:

fanfiction.net -- General fanfiction archive site that is more quantity than quality, so read at your own discretion.

-- The Medicine Wheel. Minisinoo's fanfiction site. She's one of the best writers, even if most works are set in movieverse. A Scott, Jean or JOTT fan, be sure to visit!

-- Synergy. Tasha's site dedicated to Scott and Jean fanfic.

-- Geek Fiction Central by Jen. More JOTT goodness!

The Amazing Race: Fandom Style -- Watch as Scott and Jean compete with other fandom (pairings) in a race around the world for a million dollars! A writing collaboration between me and two other close friends of mine. We also have a forum board for discussions on the race.

Fan Listings:

-- True Love: A Scott & Jean Fanlisting

-- Eternal: A Scott & Jean Fanlisting

Link to us:

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