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Scott and Jean as a couple dates far back to the 1960s. They first appeared in Classic X-Men as part of the Original Five (left) as Cyclops and Marvel girl respectively, which also included Hank McCoy (Beast), Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Bobby Drake (Iceman). Their love transcends time (in all aspects) and is one of Marvel's feature couples, and X-Men's established couple.

Apart from the comics, they've also appeared in the X-Men: The Animated Series 1992-97 (sort of a spinoff from the comics), X-Men movie series (X-Men: the Movie, 2000, X2: X-Men United, 2003, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand, 2006) and X-Men: Evolution, 2000-03. In the movies and Evolution, Scott and Jean have been "re-invented" to fit their respective universe. We examine what's the same, and what unique about all of them.


Relationship status: Married January 8th 1994 in X-Men #30; Widowed (Jean currently deceased) in New X-Men #150

First sight: Classic X-Men #1 (though it is believed that they had short telepathic contact before they met face to face. Jean was a child training with the professor on using Cerebro then.)

First appearance as an established couple: Uncanny X-Men #94 (1st series)

First kiss: Uncanny X-Men #94 (1st series)

Love story: Theirs was once referred to as 'the longest courtship in history'. They started out as best friends in Classic X-Men. After Xavier's supposed "death", the original five X-Men disbanded. Jean worked as a model, while Scott worked as a radio moderator and pretended to be her boyfriend to help her gain status.

When Xavier was revealed to be alive, they returned to the X-Men. After the original five were defeated in battle (and rescued by the 2nd generation of X-Men), all except Scott left the team. Scott and Jean continued dating though, up till the Phoenix incident.

We know that Phoenix wasn't truly Jean, just an impersonation (Jean was left recuperating at the bottom of the Jamaican Bay), but Scott believed it to be true, and had proposed to her (and she accepted), if not for the fact that the Shi'ar interferred and the battle on the blue side of the moon resulted in Phoenix's suicide.

Scott was devastated and believed the real Jean to be dead now. Shortly after, he met Madelyne Pryor, Jean's genetic clone created by a scientist (obsessed with the Summers and Grey genes), Mr Sinister. Scott married Maddie and had a son, Nathan Charles Christopher.

But he realised he wasn't happy because he only loved Maddie for her appearance, and when he received a call from Warren that the real Jean was alive (she was recovered by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four), Scott left his wife and son to be reunited with Jean, forming X-Factor. This enraged Maddie and she turned into the Goblin Queen, threatening to sacrifice her son so the gateway to limbo could be opened and kill all the X-Men. But in the end, she perished in the battle ("Inferno").

Scott had tried once again to propose to Jean, but this time, she rejected him (X-Factor #53), still upset about his whole ordeal with Maddie and was partially afraid she'll meet with the same outcome. After facing many more battles as X-Men, and Scott's distraction with Psylocke made them realise how important they were to each other. Jean initiated the proposal and they tied the knot.

They spent 8-12 years of marital bliss honeymooning in the future raising Scott's son under the aliases of Slym and Redd. Happiness ensued when they returned, until Scott's death/merger with Apocalypse. He was rescued by Jean and Nate, but since returning scarred, his marriage was on the rocks. He didn't want to hurt Jean because Apocalypse unleashed his dark side, and was apprehensive of Jean's recent transformation into Phoenix. At this time, Scott was also involved with Emma Frost in a "telepathic affair". It angered Jean and led them to question the value of their relationship. But before Scott could make a decision, Jean died as Phoenix in a battle with Magneto. Though it is doubtful we'll see the last of this couple, yet.


Relationship status: Engaged in "X1"; "Widowed" (Jean assumed deceased) in "X2"; "widowed" (Scott deceased) in X3

First sight: pre-"X1"; details unknown

First appearance as an established couple: "X1"

First kiss: "X2", scene: Logan's return to the mansion; Scott and Jean in the main hall.

Love story: Details are relatively unknown, but it is evident that Scott is very protective of Jean (scenes in "X1" include Scott's reaction toward Jean's attraction to Logan, on Jean using Cerebro as being 'dangerous' and Liberty Island after Toad's attack). There aren't a lot of scenes in the movies depicting their relationship (much to our horror and dismay), especially from Jean's point of view. Scenes in X1: Scott teaching 'shop' class, Jean after using Cerebro, Liberty Island after Toad's attack. Scenes in X2: Museum scene, Logan's return to the mansion; Scott and Jean in the main hall, Scott and Jean's reunion after their duel in Stryker's dam base at Alkali Lake.


Relationship status: Dating circa season three "Blind Alley/Self-Possessed"

First sight: pre-"Strategy X"; details unknown

First appearance as an established couple: season three in between "Self-Possessed" and "Cruise Control"

First kiss: "Blind Alley"

Love story: Scott and Jean started out as best friends in season one. In season two, Jean started dating Duncan Matthews and a jealous Scott followed suit with Taryn Fujioka in the second season. Scott and Jean evidently harboured feelings for each other that went beyond friendship (especially on Scott's side), and in the third season when they finally saw their then significant others for who they really were, these two couples broke up in "Mainstream". Ever since Jean revealed her true feelings toward Scott in "Blind Alley", they've been a couple, although it took them awhile to confirm the fact.