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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Five

Kurt, Tabitha and Kitty were drying themselves in the sun with the married couple, their daughter, and the Italian who preferred the parasol's shade. Sara had returned from the edge of the sea to relax; Ororo, Bobby and Amara were playing in the waves by trying to jump over them, to surf them or to plunge into their slight rollers, and were soon joined by Scott and Jean.

"They do you say...cute, both of them," said Maria with a strong Italian accent.

"Huh?" asked the three youngsters in the same voice.

"I think she's referring to Scott and Jean, isn't it?" asked Samantha.

The Italian nodded.

"Oh yeah, these two," said Kurt with a frank revival of interest. "They took their time believe us! They've declared their love after Jean's powers -- OW! Are you crazy??!!!"

He took a nudge in the ribs from Kitty, from whom only one glance was enough to make it clear to him the reason of this holiday. He resumed, sputtering a little.

", I was saying: when Jean's power of attraction have suddenly increased...yes that's it, she can I say...ill, and that have quickened the things between them."

Tabitha sent a glance and nodded to him in a good-recovering-boy way, as Nightcrawler went on.

"Since, their relationship has became more serious and they're almost always together, except in miss -- Ow! -- training sessions in the dang... -- OUCH!!! -- ...gym." Ended the young mutant with difficulty by rubbing his ribs before casting a bad glance at his persecutors.

Bryan let burst a little laugh before declaring.

"Leave it Kurt, we already know about your gifts."

At this news, the three young mutants stood up again suddenly and found themselves seated on their towel.


"Yes, we've seen some of you on the television and then Sara spoke to us about you."

"And, you don't think we.." Kitty wanted to ask but Bryan didn't let her.

"You want to know if we think you're freaks? Of course not, otherwise we wouldn't be here."

"Makes sense..." admitted Shadowcat.

"Blimey, it should have more people like you!" said Tabitha before nearly receiving a dead jellyfish full in her face.

The poor animal -- rest in peace -- went fall to the ground in a SPLASH! unsavoury as a bunch of kids, probably the guilty, ran away, crying 'mutants!' or 'freaks!'.

"Oh no that's gone too far!!!" shouted Tabitha by jumping in her feet, her fists clenched.

Jean, Scott, Storm and the others, having witnessed the scene, came back toward the young rebel to stop her from trying to do something stupid.

"I'm fed up with this!!! We try to merge ourselves into the mass, not to attract attention and this is useless!!" groaned a ragging Tabitha. "They're just taking the opportunity to scoff at us closer having understood that we couldn't use our powers!!!"

"She's right!" approved Bobby. "After all, the plan is to be accepted like we are! Here, we keep on being out of their sight like usually! ...if it's what you call a relaxation day!"

"Hum, Charles expected this kind of things..." said Storm, but she was barely listened by her students.

"At the point we are, why can't we use our powers? Be ourselves and..."

"You can," declared Jean, but Kurt continued his litany.

"We've the same rights as them after all! We've the...What??" the elf realised what he had heard.

Scott slightly smiled before confirming with all Xavier’s students.

"You can use your powers within the limits of reason. I don't want outbursts of situation like you've used at the institute," informed Cyclops with a serious tone


"Yes," approved Jean. "In any case, we've been unmasked, so for that could change...…and at least you'll relax yourselves!"

The adolescents expressed loudly their joy.

"So cool!!! Now this will become interesting," said Kurt by rubbing his hands in pleasure.

In a BAMF! He teleported himself above the surface of the ocean, at ten meters from the beach, where he let him fall with satisfaction. The others joined him, running, a liberty-wind blowing at theirs ears.

"I hope we won't regret it..." pried Storm by throwing up her hands in a theatrically way.

"They know the limits, they wouldn't clear it," said Jean. "...well, we must hope..."

As she was finishing her sentence, she sat down on her towel in order to keep an eye on the youngsters, while Scott said, "Otherwise, there's still the danger room and the X-Jet which need a good cleaning..."

"We could believe to hear Logan," noticed Ororo with a smile.

"Hey, sometimes his methods are good," admitted the young X-Men leader. "The proof: Bobby, Jubilee, Ray and Jamie had never again borrowed something unauthorized..."

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