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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Six

The most part of the members' group were applying some sun-cream on themselves to protect their skin against the sun, while listening and participating at the conversation.

"We must said that they hadn't put their back into it! I don't know where they gone but I had never seen your car, the X-Van or the Blackbird in such a good condition! They've spent more than a month cleaning it all," explained Jean in a way to allow their human friends to understand.

"Oh man, they aren't angels..." said Bryan.

"Some of them are particularly gifted to put themselves in difficult situations, and to lure us into it at the same time..." approved Scott.

"Like all children or teenagers," made notice Sara.

"With some not negligible aptitudes in addition," specified Jean. "With Jamie by example, who has in a way the power to duplicate himself, we rarely are in front of only one trouble, if you saw what I mean. But the days they've made these they’ve push the wisp a little too far..."

"Yes," approved Storm. "And since that, we've reconsidered our programmes and we teach our young recruits how to pilot the X-Jet, or even the flight simulator, only when they've the required maturity. In any case, this teaching existed only to provide against a possible state of emergency where neither person in charge would be in a state to pilot, it was out of question to put the control column between their hands. This day, they've acted in a irresponsible way and have received the punishment of their life."


When midday came, the adults began to bustle about gathering together the different provision's bags.

"You didn't bring an ice-box?" noticed Bryan, surprised. "Your drinks must be hot, you should put them in ours during a moment before drinking it."

Scott smiled and said in a clear tone, "This won't be necessary, we already have our walking freezer."

"I'll recall our wild troupe," purposed Samantha, but Cyclops stopped her.

"Please, don't move, they'll come by themselves."

Without even Scott need to ask her, Jean closed her eyes and put her fingers against her temples.

Bobby, we need you, she sent to Iceman before speaking to all of them in the same time. We're gonna eat and it'd be good that all of you get out before you dissolve yourselves in the water.

The instant after, the five young mutants, teleported by Kurt, appeared in frond of them in the usual BAMF! but nevertheless surprising for the humans.

"We took the expressway," said Tabitha.

Ororo made a we-have-seen-that gesture. Scott heckled Bobby by indicating the drinks’ bag with a hand gesture.


"No problemo!" said the young mutant, rubbing his hands automatically. "How do you want them?"

"Avoid freezing it, that's all we ask of you," answered Kitty by wrapping herself in her towel.


Bobby held his hands and a visible draught went up to the bottles, covering its with a crystal-ice film. Satisfied with the result, he distributed the drinks, and each one settled with one's sandwich under the impressed look of Sara's friends.


It was the stomach well filled up that all the members' group lay down on their towels in the sun or in the shade.

"We should come here together more often," said Bryan after having took a look around them. "We've never seen so much space around us on this beach until now."

As a matter of fact, all the people who were within a radius of almost five meters of their emplacement have moved further.

"Jean, Scott and I are the most recognizable because of the particularity of our hair colour or Scott's shades," declared Storm. "But I didn't think that we'd be identified so quickly."

"Yeah, seeing that, we could believe that some people spend their time spying on each other to see if no identified mutant is around," approved Sara, shaking her head in disappointment.

"Well, the ones who avoid you didn't know what they'd lost," said Maria. "I think you're really bene people, that you worth a try to be meet. I'm contenta to be here oggi."

"And me that my daughter can play with you," added Samantha.

Little Mathilde was ecstatic over the delicate icy-figurines that Bobby was making for her. Amara and Tabitha were chatting, stretched up on their towels, glancing at Iceman's sculptures. Scott and Jean were resting in the half shade of the parasol, lying in each other arms, their fingers intertwined.

On the bank, quite a different little game was being played: Kurt had laid hands on a handful of seaweed and was running after Kitty in not very commendable intents. At a given time, he had achieved to teleport himself just in front of her so that and so she had nearly ran into him...nearly? No, in the end she bluntly went through him, having had the reflex to phase herself. Surprised, Kurt hadn't had the time to react that Shadowcat had snatched the seaweed from his hands and had spread it on his head in a greenish and dripping heap.

"That's what we call 'the sprinkler socked'," commented Storm before turning her head toward the little girl who had just start to whine.

"Look Bobby, your figurines are melting like snow in the sun, if I can say that," noticed Tabitha by taking the little girl in her arms for comforting her.

"Hey! I can't make icier than icy!" Iceman defended himself, shrugging his shoulders.

"Yes but all the same, this makes Mathilde cry, you'll traumatize her, the poor little girl," argued Boom-Boom before changing her face expression. "Hey! I've an idea! Amara, if we supply to you the raw materials, could you do some in stone?"

"I guess so, well, I've never done this before."

"Bah, you've made some cubes with the institute's debris, so this should be in your line," declared Bobby, "...without for all that you've to take the Magma's shape we know..." he added with a smile.

"So? Whose the one to devote oneself to go and fetch some stones?" asked Tabitha, not really motivated at the idea to stand up.

Bobby partly sat up and looked around him.

"Apparently, no need to count on the power of the telekinetic on duty, she's sleeping."

"It's not 'cause I've my eyes shut that I'm sleeping Bobby, so watch your language..." answered Jean in a quiet tone, still coiled up in Scott's arms.

Cyclops smiled at the whim, his shades preventing nevertheless to see if he was dozing too.

"That's only that I don't want to move, I'm fine here..." she added with satisfaction.

"Hey you should sleep during the nights!" scoffed Tabitha in a tone full of insinuations, a teasing smile on her lips.

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