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Relax? Have You Said Relax?: Chapter Seven

As a matter of fact, some weeks ago, Scott and Jean have moved into the same room, which have gently made gossip among some people...

"Boom-Boom...?" said the telepath in a calm tone, too calm, keeping nevertheless her eyes shut.

Maria, Bryan, Sam and Sara were surprised by this funny word.


"Do you want to take a bath?"

The mutant quickly understood where Jean was driving at.

"Er, no not especially...I'm only beginning to tan," answered Tabitha, knowing exactly what Jean was able to do. "Ok, I hold my tongue, and leave your sex life out."


Tabitha raised her eyebrows and her shoulders in a same movement.

"What? Everybody knows what a man and a woman do..."

"Tabitha don't even say another word..." Scott prevented her.

"Shutting my trap, that's it? Ok..."

The young mutant pretends to close her mouth with a zipper.


"All the same that..."

"Beware Tabitha!" threatened Scott and Jean in a same voice.

"I was joking," smiled Boom-Boom under the amused look of their friends.

Kurt's and Kitty's coming, projecting water droplets all around, interrupted the conversation. The adolescent, panting to have covered half the beach running away from a Kurt resolute to revenge himself -- and seeing the greenish vestiges in Shadowcat's hair, not doubt he had reached to it -- achieve to articulate, "You'll never guess who we've just passed!"

"Taryn and her band," said Jean.

Shadowcat opened her mouth in a surprise sign.

"Hey! You're cheating! You read it in my mind!" she pretended to be offended.

"You've thought about it so loudly that I couldn't help to hear it," smiled Jean.

"Taryn...wasn't she one of your friend?" asked Sara.

"No comments..." declared Jean, who didn't liked Taryn's behaviour since she had discovered that she, Scott and the others were mutants.

"Have they seen you?" asked Amara to Kurt and Kitty.

"I guess so, like, well I'm not sure seeing that they spend their time to ignore us and to pretend not to know us," answered Shadowcat.

"Be that as it may, they're settled thirty meters from here," added Nightcrawler. "They're mincing with some school's guys who...oh oh..."

"What's up?" asked Bobby before turning his head in the direction which seemed to keep the elf's attention..."Oh," he approved at his turn, "Brotherhood at three o'clock to starboard..."


Scott, like most of the others mutants have, turned himself in the direction indicated by Iceman.

"I don't believe it! There was an advertisement indicating that all our enemies, in the broadest sense of the word, were graciously invited to come on this beach or what??" grumbled Scott.

"Oh man! In addition they're complete!" noticed Tabitha before rectified. "Well, almost: Todd, Fred, Pietro and Mister Walking Richter Scale," she enumerated, glancing toward Kitty at the evocation of this last name.

But this one was spared to answer by Bryan.

"Who are they?" he asked.

"Other mutants," answered Ororo. "But these ones are under Magneto thumb and accessorily Mystique's, both of them extolling the mutants' and humans' war, contrary to Charles."

"Magneto? Is there a relation with 'magnetism'?" asked Samantha.

"Exactly," answered Jean. "He can control all metallic object; Mystique, as for her, is a 'metamorph', that is to say that she's able to take on anyone's appearance."

"Both of them are in most part responsible of the sentinel story which have revealed us to the world some months before," said Scott before specifying. "Well, overall as regards Magneto, even if Mystique haven't done better in her side by kidnapping our professor to take his place..."


At their side, the brotherhood's members haven't yet noticed the X-Men and had just put down theirs bags.

"Oh man could have put a bigger swimsuit or a Bermuda," said Lance in a disgusted tone towards the Blob. "We've nearly the impression that you're doing nudism here..."

Something attracted Quicksilver's attention on his left.

"Hey! Look what we've!" said Pietro. "The X-Men at the beach!"

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